Thursday, December 1, 2011

Underrated Shit

- USC Trojan Football! Love the improvement that we made over the course of the season especially on defense. We'll see which guys stay and which leave before making an evaluation about next year.
- Pac-12 Football...RichRod + The Mad Scientist just made this conference a force to be reckoned with. Can't underestimate how huge a hire this was for Wazzu- his only flaw is an unwillingness to conform but at Wazzu there will be minimal pressure and he should have free reign. That program is going to be a force as long as he is there.
- Tim Tebow: I know he was on overrated too, but as terrible as he is throwing the football, the one thing he doesn't do is lose the game for his team. ZERO turnovers in his 5 wins, and considering how many carries he has that's an impressive stat.
- Von Miller and the Denver Broncos Defense
- Wine
- Hangar 24 Beer
- Andy Dalton to AJ Green: gonna be one of the best QB-WR combos for the next decade
- The 2011 NFL Rookie Class as a whole. I thought the 2010 class was studly, but this class has been unreal. Guys contributing at all positions and having huge impacts on playoff races, making us all forget about the pathetic 2009 class.
- LSU and Alabama: I hate the fucking corndogs more than anybody as well as the SEC in general for the simple fact that they fucked USC out of at least 2 MNC games, but this year these are the two best teams in the country and there isn't any team withing 10,000 miles of them.

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