Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grammar Nazis Rejoice

Today is National Punctuation Day. If you can't stand run-on sentences, cringe at the sight of comma errors, or have an ellipsis fetish, then today is your day. Let's celebrate with a listing of the greatest punctuation marks.

(5) Exclamation Points! Because there's no better way to end a good FUCK YOU than by adding a plethora of !!!!!!

(4) The Question Mark? Because Barney Stinson got laid off of a question mark, and because they are an open invitation to keep the conversation going.

(3) Colons: because lists are great, and they allow you to go on and on and on....

(2) Ellipsis......because they allow you to skip all the bullshit material that you don't want to talk about

(1) Parentheses ( ). Who doesn't a nice little aside, or going off into tangents mid sentence? Just be sure not to overuse them like I do.

(0) The Period. Yes! This post is finally over.

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