Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Man Law Violation Yes or No?

The characters:
Guy 1= Fred
Guy 2= Barney
Girl 1= Wilma
Girl 2= Betty

shit i never watched the Flintstones, so hopefully I didn't fuck the names/pairings up. on second thought why the fuck didn't i just say guy A/guy B, etc. i'm a fucking ra tard but anyways STFU and focus your input is needed.

Alright it is Betty's birthday, and she is celebrating with her boyfriend Barney, their friend Fred, and her friend Wilma. Fred and Wilma have never met, but Fred finds Wilma attractive, so he asks Barney, "Is Wilma single?" Barney tells him yes she is, to which Fred replies, "Good to know, because I'd hit that".

A few days later, Betty tells Fred, "So you think Wilma's hot huh?" putting Fred in an uncomfortable position, and on the spot. Obviously Barney spilled the beans. Now, has he violated man law by telling his g/f what his buddy told him under the presumed level of confidence that exists between two male friends, or was he right in telling her, hoping that Betty could maybe hook them up/because a guy should tell his g/f everything?

FUCK I fucked this post up really bad, hope it makes sense. I'm definitely off my game today.

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