Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NFL Week 3 Thoughts and Predictions

(1) LOL at the Washington Redskins and their asshat of a backup linebacker who played ZERO plays the entire game: Robert Henson. Let's put aside your disgraceful playing and coaching performance, but calling out your own fans, calling them "asshats" and "9 to 5 McDonalds workers" is not going to make things better. Worry about your own problems, play better, or in Henson's case, play at all, and maybe the fans will let up. Without their hard earned money and support, you would have no career, and most likely working at McDonalds yourself you asshat.

(2) Cowboys fans relax the world is not coming to an end. Although I despise your team with every fiber of my being, Tony Romo is a great NFL Quarterback and combined with Jerry Jones' propensity for spending, you will soon get to the promised land. It probably won't be this year though. If Eli Manning with a very inexperienced and unproven receiving core can shred your secondary like that, I can't see you fairing too well against the Saints, Falcons, or any of the other upper echelon NFC teams. The Boys still need a star receiver to complement the dynamic Barber/Jones combo, (Witten is a stud, but Dallas just doesn't have that big time playmaker, or just the threat that draws double teams that they had with TO). I can still see Dallas making the playoffs, but the Giants or a healthy Eagles are more well suited to ship the division this year.

(3) Not that anything said in number 2 matters, because the Falcons are shipping it all this year. Drew Brees is due for at least somewhat of a regression, and when he does, their defensive issues will be exposed, and the Falcons incredible offensive balance, and improving defense will win them the South. With the addition of Tony Gonzalez to an already strong receiving core, no team in the NFC has the offensive balance that the Falcons do, and teams that can run the football effectively to set up playaction are the ones that tend to win football games in the months of December and January.

(4) Still can't believe that Eugene lost despite accumulating 130 fantasy points this week in a 12 man non PPR, no flex league. Such a sick sick loss.

(5) Despite some unreal collapses on defense, including a play in which Chris Johnson literally went uncovered for a 69 yard score, great bounce back win for the Texans. Andre Johnson is a straight stud, and I've been saying it the past month, Matt Schaub is going to be a top 5 FFB QB this season.

Fantasy Football Week 3 Studs

- All Philadelphia Eagles: umm they're playing the Chiefs do I really need to explain any more. With Westbrook possibly being out, LeSean McCoy MUST be owned in every single league, if he's not already.

- Mario Manningham: becoming Eli's favorite target, and the Bucs defense has had a penchant for giving up long pass plays in the first two weeks

- Steve Smith (CAR): Delhomme played better last week throwing for over 300 yards, and Dallas' secondary was obliterated last week. Smith is a monster and should have his breakout game this week.

- Joe Flacco and Willis McGahee: The Ravens offense is in a groove, if you're a Donovan McNabb owner, or your QB has an ugly matchup this week, give Flacco a play this week.

- Denver Defense: Elvis Dumervil and the Broncos D are playing with a fire right now, and a matchup against an Oakland team that was anemic against the hapless Chiefs should provide more of the same.

Fantasy Football Week 3 Duds

- Chris Johnson: A date with the stingy Jets defense should result in a regression to the mean. Not saying he's going to lay a goose egg, but can't see him breaking 100 total yards this week, as the Jets will be keying in on him given the Titans' lack of a vertical threat.

- Braylon Edwards: The Browns have scored one offensive touchdown in two games, and that came in the final minute of a blowout loss. They cannot run the football with any sort of effectiveness right now, and a trip to Baltimore is going to mean a lot of pain for the new Browns against the old Browns.

- The Saints Running Game: They can't pick a Starter to save their lives, Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell are both "Questionable", the carries expect to get shared anyways, Buffalo is stingy against the run, but has been obliterated by the passing game. No reason not to expect Drew Brees to throw it 40+ times.

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