Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 4 NFL and Fantasy Football Preview

What a hell of a week week 3 was! Love him or hate him that was an unreal drive and final play that Favre and the Vikes pulled off. The Bungals pulling one out against the Steelers has to be one of the biggest upsets in a LONG TIME (could the bengals really be for real?) Ohh and you heard it here first, the Lions ended their losing streak. They've actually been competitive in their games, and the Redskins offense is a complete mess, it just felt like it was time. Finally, the Chiefs, Bucs, and Browns are VERRRRYYY BAD football teams on both sides of the ball. I can't see how any of them are going to win more than 2 games this year

3 Reasons to be Excited about Week 4

(1) Ravens- Pats. Ray Lewis meets Tom Brady, and Ed Reed meets Randy Moss in a duel between two of the best offensive players of this decade, and two of the best defensive players of the decade.

(2) Saints-Jets. Something has to give when the league's most prolific offense meets the stingiest defense.

(3) Packers-Vikings as Favre reunites with his old team. Should be a dandy on Monday night.

NFL Week 4 Picks (12-4 in week 3...bold=winners)

Lions @ Bears
Bengals @ Browns
Raiders @ Texans
Seahawks @ Colts
Titans @ Jaguars
Giants @ Chiefs
Ravens @ Pats
Bucs @ Redskins
Bills @ Dolphins
Jets @ Saints
Cowboys @ Broncos
Rams @ 49ers
Chargers @ Steelers
Packers @ Vikings

Fantasy Football Studs (saying AP, Brees, or Fitzy are going to be studs isn't saying much...I'm trying to find the borderline sit/start guys who should have big weeks).

- Glen Coffee: With Frank Gore out for "at least two weeks" Coffee is the man to add, and a matchup against St. Louis this week makes him worthy of a waiver wire add if you are thin at RB.

- Santana Moss: He was Jason Campbell's go to man last week, and the Redskins cannot run the football to save their lives. Fortunately for them, the Bucs defense specializes in giving up long pass plays, so the other Moss figures to have a big week.

- TO: As much as I hate him, the Dolphins were done in by a string of big passing plays last week, and the so far quiet TO is due for a breakout game with his new employer.

- Eli Manning, Steve Smith, and Mario Manningham: Anyone who watched last week's Chiefs game or even highlights of it saw one of the most pathetic displays of tackling ever. The Chiefs actually have done a decent job against the run this year, but their pass rush is non existent, and more importantly the Giants' passing game is starting to click, and all three of these guys should get you double digit points this week with a 20+ pt. performance from Eli being highly probable.

- The Bengals Defense: Can't believe I'm saying this, but the Browns defense is just a turnover waiting to happen. They held their own against the Steelers last week, and have defended the run very well so far this year.

Fantasy Football Duds

- Marques Colston: Darrelle Revis completely shut down Andre Johnson and Randy Moss in his first two matchups of the year, so there's no reason to believe he won't be able to do the same to Colston.

- Ryan Grant: While he's reached paydirt twice this year, the Packers have had a hard time getting their running game going behind a struggling offensive line. A date with the Vikings stingy run defense should prove a nightmare for Grant.

- Phillip Rivers: The Chargers have had problems finishing long drives with touchdowns, the Steelers are going to be angry and desperate, and are going to take it out on Rivers and Co.

- Maurice Jones-Drew: For all of their problems, the Titans have been VERY good defending the run this year, and are probably the best 0-3 team in NFL history. They're going to be very desperate, and against a team that still needs to find an identity in the passing game (although Mike Sims-Walker could be this year's breakout player), the Titans should be keying in on Drew and hold him to single digit fantasy points this week.

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