Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alright what is it with you Women???!!!!

The first half of this week was basically a salute and shout out to the female gender, so much so that I was ready to turn in my man card for being such a super homo. But honestly, us guys cannot stand it when you put us in such ridicuously impossible situations. Please do not ask us open-ended questions where no matter what we say, we are going to get yelled at. Just fucking yell at us, and then ask us realistic questions that have a chance of ending with a positive expectation. Ohh and yea we don't really give a shit about your problems and how your day went, you might as well talk to your pet lobster because we are NOT listening! Hell any problems that we might have go away as soon as we see a nice piece of ass walking across the street, or in the car next to us, so it's not like we have a long attention span.

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