Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dodgers Off Season Itinerary

Here's what the Dodgers need to do over the offseason, but won't do, because they always seem to do the exact opposite of what I know is in their best interest, and make "lovely" acquisitions like Jason Schmidt, Andruw Jones, and Kevin Brown.

(1) Sign via free agency or trade (whatever it takes) to get a reliable veteran ace who can pitch in and WIN Game 1's for us in the playoffs, and eat up innings. John Lackey is the best option via free agency, although the price for Halladay should go down, and we must do whatever it takes to acquire one of the two.

(2) Acquire a real leadoff hitter. Rafael Furcal is NOT a true leadoff hitter, he is no longer a stolen base threat, does not hit for average, and does not believe in the concept of a walk. While I have no problem keeping him as our everyday shortstop he needs to be hitting 7th or 8th in the order not first. Hudson will probably leave, so Figgins makes the most sense of the free agents out there, although trading is fine as well.

(3) Acquire somebody whether it be a starter or a role player who gives us some fucking leadership, and can light a fire under these guys asses. This team is WAY WAY WAY too laid back, and this care free attitude can be ok during the grind of the regular season, but is 100% unacceptable in October. The remaining 3 teams all have such a character on their team (Jeter, Hunter, and Victorino), and that is why they are still alive, and we're packing our bags.

(4) For the love of God teach Jonathan Broxton a changeup, and some mental toughness. When you throw the baseball 100mph, you should not be SCARED when you're facing a 40 year old pinch hitter, or a #8 hitting catcher regardless of your history. Holy Christ that was a fucking embarrassment.

Once again, I have no expectation that this will happen, and they'll probably sign an over the hill .230 slugger who won't be in the starting lineup at the all star break, and an injury prone pitcher who will break down once he reaches 100 innings.

/rant. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK when will this goddamn miserable fucking pain go away?!!!

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