Friday, October 2, 2009

Some Explanations

A lot of the material posted here especially some of the abbreviations and references may be unclear to some or all of you, so here are some explanations, including some that may seem very trivial, but I just want to make sure that all readers are operating on the same wavelength.

OT= Pocket Fives Off Topic, the greatest site on the web, open to all people not just poker players. Sports, random shit, and hot chicks are the most common topics of discussion, so if you like this blog, you are almost sure to love OT.
FTMFW= For the mother fucking win
teh ghey= the OT way of saying that something or someone is homosexual
PuntingIsWinning= my fantasy football teams' name
Stab Kittens= an OT term for being very aggitated....i don't really want to stab kittens, in fact Hillary's cat Malibu is the most awesome animal in the world, and cooler than most humans
WOMAN!= For some unknown retarded reason I always switch the names of my friends Hillary and Heather. I call both of them the other name more often than I do the right name, so one night drunk Marc just decided to call both of them WOMAN instead to avoid problems, the name stuck, and has become a catch phrase.
SF= so in this post is getting SF long

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