Monday, October 19, 2009

The Worst Losses in my Life as a Dodger fan

After some consideration, and reading a thread on the Angels board of a similar nature, I decided to rank where does today's trainwreck of a game ranks among the all time worst losses.

#5- Game 3 2009 NLCS- Here are some numbers for you: Phillies= 6 extra base hits, Dodgers= 3 baserunners....1= number of Dodgers to touch 2nd base....2= number of Dodgers to reach 1st base.....7= number of free passes issued by Dodger pitchers.....0= number of Dodgers who hit the ball hard, all 3 hits were of the cheapish variety....100%= percentage of Phillies in the starting lineup who scored a run in the game...0= number of Dodgers who showed up for the game, or looked like they had any idea what they were doing out there

#4- Game 162 of the 1996 Regular Season. The Dodgers entered the final weekend of the regular season with a 2 game lead over, and a 3 game series at home with the Padres. All they had to do was win one of the final 3 games, and they would secure the division title, and home field advantage in the first round, instead of the Wild Card. Also on the line was the MVP title which was hotly contested between Piazza and San Diego's Ken Caminiti. After losing the first two games, game 162 was a 0-0 tie going into the 9th, when the Dodgers loaded the bases with two outs for Piazza. After working a full count, Piazza chased a 3-2 slider in the dirt, sending the game into extras, where Chris Gwynn (Tony's brother) hit a 2 run double in the 11th to give the Pads a 2-0 win, and the NL West. The Dodgers had to settle for the wild card, lost home field, and had to play the Braves in the first round, and with no momentum were summarily swept away.

#3- Game 1 2006 NLDS. The Dodgers appear to take an early lead against the Mets when Russell Martin doubles off the right field wall, but inexplicably due to some horrendous baserunning and 3rd base coaching, two Dodgers (Jeff Kent and J.D. Drew) end up getting thrown out at the plate on the play. The Mets end up winning the game by a run, and of course the Dodgers get 3 and outed, they never recovered from that epic fail of a play.

#2- Late September 1997, The Barry Bonds HR twirl game. I vaguely remember this, but every Dodger fan who was old enough, has that image of Barry doing his little twirl engrained in their memory, reminding them of why he was the most despicable player to ever wear those dirty uniforms. It was late in the season, the Dodgers and Giants were stuck in a tight playoff race, when Bonds hits a late inning GW HR at the bloody Stick to propel the Gnats to the division title. Piazza gets traded the next year, and the F&$#^NG Kevin Malone and the idiots at Fox run the franchise into the ground for the next 6 seasons.

#1- Game 4 2008 NLCS: A loss that I will brood on until my dying day. After losing the first two in Philly, the Dodgers won game 3, and appeared to have game 4 and all the momentum locked up, but somehow manage to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. So so many chances to break the game wide open early, but the Dodgers leave the whole country of India on base, allowing the Phillies to hang around. Joe Torre inexplicably removes a crusing Derek Lowe after only 5 innings, the middle relief lets the Phillies back in it, and then Cory Wade and Jonathan Broxton implode in the 8th, allowing 2 run homers to Shane Victorino and Matt Stairs, giving the Phils a 7-5 win, and the Series.

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