Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 Strong Indicators that A Chick Will Be Hot

Getting set up on a blind date? Does your buddy keep raving about some really hot chick he met? Now of course there are always going to be exceptions, but here are some good indicators that you have a hottie!

(1) She is half-Asian, half-some other race. Mixed-race chicks in general are hotter than average, but half-Asians absolutely take the cake as SF Hawt!

(2) Her first name is: Kelly, Jill, or should end in "y", but instead ends in "i". Credit to Barney Stinson on the last one, but it's so true. It's like they feel that they have to make up for the "i" by being extra hot.

(3) She has naturally curly hair. Not the crazy all over the place curly, or the fake she went to the salon and had her hair curled, but chicks who have natural mildly curly hair get a slight nod over their straight haired counterparts.

(4) She has a sexy voice. Chicks with radiant personalities, and free spirits, just exude that awesomeness in their voice, hence making them sound hot, and in their looks. They just look hotter than chicks who are bleh, and are no fun sticks in the mud.

(5) She works at Hooters (going to exclude strip clubs, because there are plenty of strippers who are *WOOF WOOF*).

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