Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best of the Best In the Restaurant World

Breakfast Burrito (fast food): Carl's Jr. Bacon and Egg Burrito

Overall Breakfast Experience: IHOP and it's not even close.

WORST Overall Breakfast Experience: Denny's, unless you like horribly slow service, lousy food, and human blood in your water

Appetizer: Gladstone's Clam Chowder AND Red Lobster's Biscuits

Salad: LOL

Sandwich: Turkey something at Panera

Fast Food Burger: In N Out

Non Fast Food Burger: Ruby's (the sit down place with the 50's theme and cute waitresses) Bacon Cheesburger

French Fries: McDonalds

Value Menu: Wendy's gets the nod over Burger King, because hot damn I love those frosties. That was like my main diet after my splenectomy when I couldn't eat my usual foods due to dietary restrictions.

Overall Restaurant Experience: Benihana/Chomps

Menu Selection: The Cheseecake Factory because they have like 40329884 different menu items, all of which are absolutely delectable.

Mexican: King Taco lDO

Italian: Mamma's (On Imperial just east of the 57. Pizza really good, pasta really good, musician playing at night really good). Maybe there's somewhere with slightly better food, but this is my favorite place to go for Italian.

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