Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Most Distressing Day of Football

- The Chiefs attempted a late rally, only to come up 3 points short. We couldn't overcome the fact that we gained like 0 fucking first downs in the first 3 quarters. A new running back, the same shitty results, our O-Line is going to need to undergo some major renovations in the offseason, because the current line cannot run block, or pass block to save their lives. MJD had a big day to nobody's surprise and Mike Sims-Walker torched us for 147 receiving yards, including a 61 yd. TD in which he was disturbingly wide open and untouched. Still not a terrible effort, hopefully Chris Chambers can give us a nice compement to Bowe, and if we don't beat the Raiders next week, well then #1 overall draft pick here we come.

- The goddamn Cowboys won, and just to add insult to injury, I started that game with Marion Barber only needing to get 8 total fantasy points to win my matchup in my OT league, and move into first place. Of course, he got 7, and now I'm in a clusterfuck of a battle to try and reach the playoffs. I'm sorry Ryan, but FUCK THE COWBOYS!!!

- Now that I have a team of my own, I realize why everybody hates the Patriots. They just annoy me, and the fact that Brady was still out there throwing passes in the 3rd and 4th quarters of the Tennessee game when they were up 50 something to 0, was the beginning of my hatred for them. If the Dolphins receivers weren't allergic to the fucking football the game might have been different today. LOL Ted Ginn Jr.

- Definitely not a Giants fan, but I absolutely loathe the Chargers, so seeing them get that huge win sort of continued the trend of pain on this day.

- Still in shock over the absolute disintegration of the Green Bay Packers. I thank their offensive studs for their fantasy contributions, but holy cow, how does their defense meltdown like that against a rookie QB making his first start, and against one of the worst offenses in the NFL? GG Playoffs.

- I highly doubt that Chris Johnson is a real person. Memo to Titans: Give CJ the football 30+ times a game, don't let Vince Young or Kerry Collins throw the ball downfield= PROFIT!

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