Monday, November 30, 2009

NFL Week 12 Review

- Thanksgiving games, KC/SD, Pitt/Balt, and AZ/TN games already covered below

- Week 13 preview will come Wed. night. So many big injuries right now to star players to sort through, and need to wait for injury reports before making predictions. Very excited for next week's games with a ton of huge games, and a matchup between my two front runners for MVP as the undefeated Colts duel the Titans who are trying to go from 0-6 to the playoffs, which would be just the sickest accomplishment ever.

- Pats/Saints went down similar to how I expected it to. I had 34-24 Saints, but I certainly didn't expect a 0/2 performance from Brady. That Saints defense is one very underrated group, and has been the difference this year, forcing turnovers, and scoring touchdowns in some of their close games to change the tide. The 1-2 running tandem of Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell gives their offense good balance, and Drew Brees is a man among boys, throwing touchdowns to 5 different receivers today. That kind of balance in an offense makes them so so tough to defend against, and Minnesota is probably the only team in the NFC with a chance in hell of beating them in the playoffs. Too many weapons on both sides of the football. A Saturday night home game against Dallas is the only legitimate obstacle between them and 16-0, although every game is losable in the NFL. As for the Pats, this game might just cost them a first round bye, as San Diego is playing as good as anybody in the conference right now, and the Pats defense is definitely in trouble.

- The Miami Dolphins just blew their playoff chances imo with an epic 4th quarter meltdown in Buffalo. Had they won, they'd be playing for a 1st place tie with New England next Sunday in Miami, but 4 interceptions and giving up 24 points in a quarter to BUFFALO is not exactly playoff caliber football

- Justin Forsett is running with a MISSION right now, and if he doesn't maintain the full time job when Julius Jones returns, then (I forgot who Seattle's HC is) should be insta fired.

- LOL Jake Delhomme. Had some good years, but please John Fox bench this guy and give somebody else a chance. DeAngelo Williams is being wasted and it's got to be depressing for his fantasy owners.

- Although they escaped with a win, the possible loss of Desean Jackson and Brent Celek has to be concerning for them, as they have to keep winning to stay in the divisional race. They get the equally banged up Falcons next week in a must win game for both squads.

- Speaking of the Falcons, I know it was the Bucs, but mad props to Chris Redman rallying the Falcons and saving the season after Matt Ryan went down. 23/41 for 243, with 2 TD's and most importantly 0INT's is a line I will take any day. Still the Falcons must have Michael Turner healthy and effective if they hope to pass the Eagles or Packers for that last wild card spot.

- Indy stays unbeaten, and Houston continues to be horrendous at closing out games. Can't wait to see Peyton Manning vs. Chris Johnson next week in a duel between the two best players in the National Football League.

Fantasy Note (not that anyone gives a shit, I just want to comment): Failed to clinch 1st place in the regular season in my main league for the 2nd straight week. Once again, I was one of the top point scorers (102 pts.) but played a guy whose team just went ape shit, dropping to 9-3, but still in 1st. Well that's variance, but with 3 of the playoff spots all but locked up, the battle for the final playoff spot in that league is great, as 5 teams have a legitimate shot at it.

In my secondary league, I stayed alive with solid performances across the board, am now 6-6, and am in a 5 way tie (out of 10 teams) for the 4th and final playoff spot. Looking at the schedule, I should make the playoffs if I win my final 2 games, so I look at it as I'm in the sweet sixteen. Win 4 straight games, and I'm the champ, anything else and the season is a failure. In case you didn't know, I don't play for no fucking second place.

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