Monday, November 16, 2009

The Playbook

- Yea I think I and all other single guys out there need to get their hands on Barney's playbook. The scuba diver play was absolutely pure genius. Great to see the real Barney back, and hopefully this is a permanent play, at least until maybe the end of the series, just to give his character some closure

- Two and a Half Men was beyond hilarious tonight. That is 100% me most of the time, and lolz yea if you ever need to get rid of a woman, I am totally the man for the job. Nothing scares women away more than: desperate, lonely, horny, and pathetic.

- The Big Bang Theory actually might have been the best episode of the night. So hysterical to see the guys high as a kite after eating their special cookies. The Wolowitz cousin story better become a recurring joke on the show, one that will never get old. Sheldon and Penny is the best relationship on the show, and their interaction at the hospital was arguably the best scene in the show's tenure.

All in all, bravo CBS Monday Night on a job well done.

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