Friday, November 13, 2009

Rules/Laws/Miscellaneous "Things" that Should Be Implemented

- a law against using the word "things". God I hate using that word, but sometimes you panic and it's the easiest or most convenient word to use in that spot

- a law that men must be allowed to win at least 10% of the time without any repercussions

- coupons to the 99 cent store (This one's all Paul, so if this blurb killed the post, then kick him in the nuts, not me)

- Medals of Honor to anyone who eats at Taco Bell regularly...seriously I'd rather eat whatever's on the bottom of the Hush Puppies, than the garbage that they make

- Revocation of Man Card to ANY man who breaks up with or turns down sex with Carrie Underwood

- A law stating that you are NOT allowed to root for more than 1 of the following teams: Yankees, Lakers, Celtics, Cowboys, Notre Dame Football.


- You live in L.A. and since we don't have a team, you're a Cowboys fan, but you better be able to name ALL the Starting Quarterbacks between Aikman and Romo to prove your fanhood.

- You attended and graduated from Notre Dame, but live in and/or were born and raised in NY, Boston, L.A., or Dallas

- You're a super hot chick


  1. BS I root for two of those teams and I am a true fan of both! And you know me well enough to know I do not jump on any bandwagon

  2. alright edited just for you, but i want to hear the names of those quarterbacks.