Friday, November 6, 2009

Super Hot Dental Assistant

(1) Apparently I promised to write a post about her.

(2) She was kind of hot, like a 7-7.5, ok not that hot, fuck goddamn it let me type google, ok there you go, but her "intangibles" were off the fucking charts.

(3) She was cute, and very intelligent: she knew anything and everything about my heart condition, apparently she did some case study in some South American country, and knew anything and everything about my heart condition which was such a major turnon, since most female nurses know nothing about it. In general she was just very flirtatious with me, and ok so what I wanted her pretty badly, is that a crime?

(4) The way that she talked to me, and the way that she said certain things was just out of this world sexy. At one point, she said "I'm a very demanding dentist" in the hottest, most seductive tone I have ever heard. At that point I thought we were just going to start going at it right there in the dentist chair, but ehh maybe next time.

(5) ARGHHHH!!!!!!!! It's SF difficult to balance the "prim and proper" tone and balance of this blog with the real and honest tone of it.

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