Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a Great Day of Football

- CHIEFS WIN! CHIEFS WIN! CHIEFS WIN! Led by Jamaal Charles (who I've been saying all season is a better back than LJ), the Chiefs get their second win of the season at Oakland. Of course it wasn't a pretty win, but a W is a W, and we better enjoy it now, because next week we're going to get an angry Steelers team, that is sure to take a lot of this week's frustration out on us.

- The Cincinnati Bengals are for real! Their defense played an OUTSTANDING football game, constantly harassing Big Ben, and their corners did a terrific job of locking down Pittsburgh's receivers, often times on man coverage because of Cincy's blitzing schemes. They now have a stranglehold on the AFC North, owning all the tiebreakers, and having three straight cupcakes on the schedule.

- Kudos to Maurice Jones-Drew for putting the team ahead of himself (and his pissed off fantasy owners) on the last drive. In case you missed it, his team was down by 1 with a minute left, and the Jets had no timeouts. He broke free from about the 10 yard line, and rather than score and give the Jets time to comeback, he took a knee at the 1 yard line, setting up a PAT like GW field goal with no time remaining. WP MJD, and just a devastating loss for the Jets, who could have moved to within a game of the Pats with a win today.

- HOLY CHRIST Chris Johnson is unreal. Just another 200+ yard, 2TD, 30+ fantasy point day. Yawn.

- Kudos to the Rams and Lions for giving the Saints and Vikes respectively a run for their money. Just goes to show that anything can happen on Any Given Sunday

- I don't care if Chris Simms (fellow splenectomy survivor), JaMarcus Russell, or Mickey Mouse is at quarterback, how do you lose to the Redskins, Denver? You got a nice lead early on two Brandon Marshall TD's where the cheerleaders were closer to tackling him than anyone in Washington's secondary, and then melted down in the 2nd half. Check out the highlight of Washington's fake punt TD. Their punter have just have the best arm on the team. Next week's Denver-San Diego game will be huge, and while Denver appears to be collapsing, you just never know when Norv Turner and Co. are going to just give a game away.

- The 1st half of the Dallas-Green Bay game was an utter disgrace to the game of football. Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi must have been rolling over in their graves. The only thing more inept than Roy Williams is Green Bay's offensive line. It is unimaginable how Aaron Rodgers continues to be the #1 rated fantasy quarterback, or better yet how he is alive with the amount of hits that he takes every week. And ohh God don't get me started on the penalties. Ugly ugly game, but the NFC East just got a lot more wide open, as each of the top three teams has had chances this year to seize control, but all have refused to take it.

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