Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fuck You Jim Caldwell

- For those of you who don't know, Jim Caldwell is the head coach of the Colts, who had a perfect 14-0 season going, and were UP by 5 points halfway through the 3rd quarter at home today, when Jim Caldwell inexplicably removed the starters from the game, due to "fear of injury", after which the backups blew the game and the perfect season.

- I had no real or fantasy football interest in that game, and to be honest I don't really like the Jets, but this was an unreal epic pussy move by Caldwell. You Play to win the FUCKING GAME! Your stud players have made it through 14 games uninjured, and you have a fucking bye week to rest your players, even after next week's game.

- You are UNDEFEATED! Where's the fucking sense of pride at finishing a season unbeaten. The Jets are fighting for their playoff lives, and there are 5 teams behind them who really needed them to lose today. Guess you could give two shits about that, and I hope when those teams play you later on down the road, they beat the ever living shit out of you.

- I actually like the Colts players, but now I really hope that they lose in the divisional playoffs, and I seriously hope they go 0-16 for however many years it takes for Jim Caldwell to get fired and never be allowed to coach football again. This disgusting act of cowardice should not go unpunished, and makes me want to throw up. Herm Edwards may have been a terrible X's and O's guy, but at least he was a fucking MAN, and I'll go to battle with him over your pussy ass anyday. Can't imagine there's a single member of your team who has any respect for you after today. Once again, GO FUCK YOURSELF JIM CALDWELL! YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!

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  1. Marc that is why you could never be a coach. It is the NFL, not flag football.