Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Fantasy Football 1st Round Mock Draft

#1- Chris Johnson RB- TEN. 2000 yards rushing do I really need to say any more. He's also a big part of the Titans passing game, and with Vince Young emerging this year, his value could even go up next year.

#2- Adrian Peterson RB- MIN. While the fumbles are still a problem, All Day became a big part of the passing game this year, increasing his value in PPR leagues. Plus, the Vikings are a better offense than Jacksonville, meaning more scoring opportunities.

#3- Maurice Jones Drew RB- JAX. Mr. Everything for the Jaguars is still a dream pick especially in PPR leagues.

#4- Ray Rice RB- BAL. Look at all your different fantasy leagues, and I highly doubt that the Ray Rice owner in your league missed the playoffs in any of them, unless that owner was completely incompetent. This late late round/undrafted pick became the feature back for one of the most run-heavy offenses in the league. If McGahee and his TD vulturing leaves town, I would even consider Rice as the number 2 overall pick.

#5- Jamaal Charles RB- KC. Chris Johnson lite, Charles absolutely exploded onto the fantasy scene, taking over for Larry Johnson mid season. Scoring a TD almost every game, and getting at least 12 fantasy points a game against the toughest run defenses, Charles exploded in the fantasy playoffs, and if the Chiefs improve their offensive line this offseason, he could put up Chris Johnson like numbers next year. Durability is a concern, as he is a bit undersized, but his explosiveness and big play ability make him a first rounder for sure.

#6- Andre Johnson WR- HOU. The Texans' offense especially late in the year WAS Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson. He led the league in receiving yards, was a PPR monster, and rarely had a bad outing. Receivers can win you leagues, and he is probably the only WR worthy of a first round pick.

#7- Frank Gore RB- SF. While the Niners have become more pass-happy under Singletary, Gore is still the featured back, in a league where time shares are becoming increasingly prevalent.

#8- Steven Jackson RB- STL. 2nd in the league in rushing yards, but only 4 TD's last year. If the Rams offense can play somewhat competently, you'll be getting a bargain with him at this pick.

#9- Michael Turner RB- ATL. Projected as high as 2nd this year, the Burner should be back next year with a vengeance, after Atlanta's very disappointing finish this season.

#10- Aaron Rodgers QB- GB. I'm very opposed to taking a QB in the first couple of rounds, but Rodgers is worth it. He has so many weapons to throw to in Green Bay, and despite offensive line problems all year, was remarkably consistent, putting up 25 fantasy points nearly every week. His 30 yards rushing/game + 5 rushing TD's give him a lot of extra boost, and build the case towards using a first round pick on him. By far the best fantasy QB in the game.

#11- Cedric Benson RB-CIN. While I'd be a bit concerned about him being a one-year wonder, you can't bet against the man who finally lived up to the potential, in a system where he is the guy, and a run-first offense.

#12- Ronnie Brown RB-MIA. While the time share with Ricky Williams is concerning, this is still a brutal offense to defend against, and Brown was a top 5 fantasy player before getting injured.

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