Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guy Movies Power Rankings

Note: These are not necessarily my favorite movies, but are the ultimate guy movies, which every red blooded heterosexual American male must watch, and love.

For simplicity's sake, and for the sake of maintaining the G rating of this fucking blog, I will exclude all "adult" movies aka pornos aka friday night movie night for certain readers of this blog. If you are male and you don't know why a certain movie is on this list, then perhaps you should reconsider your sexuality. Women: the criteria is a careful blend of action, crudeness, crassness, explosions, special effects, no MAAMism, bad ass dialogue, and hawt women, or just the fact that it's a sports movie.

(1) Die Hard
(2) Terminator 2
(3) Field of Dreams
(4) The Hangover...could move up over time, but the top 3 have stood have stood the test of time, and deserve their top rankings.
(5)True Lies
(6) Heat
(7) Tombstone
(8) The Departed
(9) Old School
(10)Wedding Crashers

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