Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ideal Drunk Snacks

- Munchos + Cheetos Cheese Puffs as previously discussed
- Advil + Water to avoid the hangover
- Cold Fucking Pizza of course you bitches
- Breakfast for Dinner, because seriously, unless you're a faggoty bitch, when is that ever not good? Norms is highly recommended, unless of course there is an IHOP in your vicinity. IHOP is always the best, with Denny's being in dead last fucking place.
- King Taco
- Tequila Tequila Tequila
- Setting off fireworks, and aiming them at close family members and friends...anyone who remembers a certain 4th of July knows what I'm talking about
- Whatever the fuck is leftover from the evening. Seriously bro, food is food, are you really going to be that much of a bitch about what you eat at this point?

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