Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs Offseason Itinerary

- In case you haven't heard, the Chiefs hired Charlie Weis as their offensive coordinator. As bad as he was at Notre Dame, he was a great OC in New England, and helped put that dynasty together, and definitely has the pieces towards building a great offense already.

- Get Romeo Crennel to handle the defensive coordinating duties to complete the New England transformation to Kansas City.

- Focus on the offense first. We've used our last two first round picks on defensive lineman (Dorsey + Jackson), and need to give them some time to develop, and have some decent playmakers in Hali and Flowers. But we have a chance to have a good-great offense next year behind Jamaal Charles. Our offense really struggled in the beginning of the season when LJ was at RB, and Cassel really struggled during Bowe's 4 game suspension. But, when we have our pieces in place, Charles is a guy who eats defenses up, and has the big play potential, and Cassel will be a fine game manager, and let some nice rallies this season (he did a great job at not turning the ball over aside from the games w/o Bowe).

- To begin these means, our first round pick (#5 overall) should be on the best offensive tackle on the board. Hopefully this means Okung, but if another lineman steps up in the combines, then that should be our first pick. If the top couple OL are taken, then I wouldn't hate taking Berry if he's available, as he's a game changer, and safety is one of our biggest weaknesses on defense.

- Sign or trade for a proven and reliable WR or TE. Bowe is a nice speed guy who can stretch the field, and Chambers is a nice #2, but both struggled with drops this year, and we need that reliable guy that Cassel can go to on 3rd downs. The guy on the free agent board that I really like is Derek Mason, or in a dream world Vincent Jackson, but Mason is the type of guy we need. I hope we also take a look at Scheffler who is sure to leave Denver. DON'T draft a WR in the first or second rounds. Wideouts are so boom/bust and for every Fitzy/Calvin Johnson there's a Charles Rodgers/Mike Williams. OL are so much more reliable, and elite left tackles are the cornerstone of nearly all great teams.

- Sign another OL, preferrably an interior guy. Draft a left tackle, switch Albert to RT, and try and fix the middle of the line. Charles put up a Chris Johnson like 2nd half with a porous offensive line, imagine what he can do with some real running lanes? The juries still out on Cassel, but like him or not, no QB could have succeeded with what he had this year. We need to give him time, and need our wideouts to be more reliable, but like I said we're a couple players away from having a great offense.

- The Chiefs entire interior defense (DT, MLB, S) are in desperate need of repair, but none greater than DT. We have a lot of money invested in Dorsey and Jackson at DE, but need a big run stopper up the middle, who draws double teams, and frees things up for our ends or up and coming star Tamba Hali to make plays and force pressure on the QB. While our pass rush improved this season, we still have a long way to go. I won't mind if our other defensive issues are ignored, so long as this one is addressed. If we're able to shut down other team's running games, and generate a defensive pass rush, our safeties can drop back further (preventing big plays that plagued us all season), and allow our LB's to make some plays. Our corners are solid, so long as they aren't expected to play man coverage when the QB has 10 seconds to throw.

- All in all, if we draft an elite OT, pick up another OL, and a decent reliable WR, not an elite guy but just a solid #2, I think this team can have a great offense, and checking out our schedule (AFC South + NFC West + Browns + Bills) I think we could definitely win 8-9 games next year, and possibly earn a wild card spot. We have plenty of very young playmakers on both sides of the ball, and if our D-ends develop and reach their potential, this team could get really good really quick. Realistically, we're still a couple of years away, but it's about building confidence, and if we focus on the offense first, we can have an offense that will keep us in every game, keep the other team's offense off the field, and win a few games that we shouldn't. If we can build that high-powered attack, gain some respect, then we can focus on our defense the next couple of years, free agents may start flocking our way, and then we can really start to build a strong team.

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