Sunday, January 17, 2010

LOL San Diego Chargers

You just never cease to amaze me. Every year you manage to convince me and the rest of the football world that you guys are the team to beat, only to fail in spectacular fashion in the playoffs. Today's loss was by far the worst of all of them. The hottest team in the NFL, with more offensive weapons than any other team left in the playoffs, a kicker that made was all but perfect this season, and facing a team with a rookie Quarterback, that makes it perfectly clear that they are running the ball virtually every play.

- First off, hats off to the Jets. Their offense made the plays when they had to, their kicker actually made a field goal (seriously hats off to Jay Feely, not only for his kicking, but for doing a great job as replacement punter last week). But the story remains Darrelle Revis who shut down whoever he was covering on every play, and made a ridiculous INT catch that helped change the momentum in the game.

- Still, 2 HUGE INT's for Philip Rivers, 3 missed field goals from Nate Kaeding, a couple big plays allowed by their defense, and its inability to stop the Jets at the end of the game all led to their demise.

- Also, Norv Turner, WTF were you thinking trying that onside kick. With over 2 minutes to go in the game + a timeout, you kick it deep, and give the Jets 3 plays to make a 1st down, instead of the 4 that you gave them. Onside kicks have about a 15% success ratio, so kick it deep, because you know the Jets aren't throwing the ball there, and get the ball back with a little over a minute left. The Chargers defense was solid all day, but giving the Jets that extra down cost the Chargers the chance to get the ball back. Unreal fail Norv & Co.

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