Friday, January 22, 2010

My Football Philosophy

If I were a Head Coach:

PRIORITY #1: find the best positional coaches available. While playcalling is obviously huge, I'm a strong believer in the value of strong positional coaches who develop talent. What's the point in getting all 5 star recruits, or tons of stud 1st rounders, if their talents aren't properly developed to fit your team's philosophy.

PRIORITY #2: No one man is above the team + It Don't Mean a Thing if you Ain't got that Ring! Primadonnas, guys who trash talk tweet instead of watching film, and guys who call out their teammates/coaches can GTFO! There's no place for you here. And if you think making the playoffs, or winning your conference makes the season successful, GET OUT! You play to win championships, and anything less than a title makes the season a complete and total failure. I WANT GUYS WHO WANT and expect nothing less than a title.

PRIORITY #3: TURNOVERS + DISCIPLINE! We will NOT turn the ball over, and we will force turnovers on defense. The team that wins the turnover battle usually wins the game, and this will always be the most stressed aspect of this team. To show you how serious I am, if you throw an interception you sit out the next possession, if you miss a block that causes a turnover you sit out the next possession, and if you FUMBLE my fucking football, Lord help me just take off your helmet because you're not seeing any action the rest of this game.

As for discipline, if you commit a lack of focus penalty you miss the next possession, if you commit a personal foul penalty that was avoidable, you're sitting out the rest of the game.

PRIORITY #4: Pound that rock! On offense we are going to pound that rock down your throat, until you can't take anymore, and then we'll take some chances down field, and have your defense gasping for air.

PRIORITY #5: WE BLITZ ALL NIGHT! We will put 7-8 men in the box and we won't let you run the ball on us. Once you've become one-dimensional, we're blitzing all night, in all sorts of schemes, and from all different directions. If you burn us, you burn us for a quick strike, and our defense gets to rest, but we won't stop pressuring you, and we're not going to sit back and let you relax. We're going for our own big plays via sacks or turnovers ourselves.

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