Sunday, January 31, 2010

Super Bowl Ideas

Okay so the big day is only a week away, and no matter where you go for Super Sunday, here are some fun things to spice the game up for you and yours. As always, have fun, be safe, and get drunk and get laid.

- Betting on the coin toss: Because it's a sign of true degeneracy, and sets the tone for the game...and lDO tails never fails. If the Vikings had followed that motto they might be in this game instead of the Saints.

- The squares game: Really simple, really easy, a good way to get everybody, including the people who don't know football (boring women and teh gheys) involved in the game.

- Whether at a house party, the local pub, the game itself, or somewhere in between, it is of vital importance to consume the five basic food groups: Pizza, Wings, Chips, Meats, and Beer.

- Whether you like football or not, know at least one piece of information that nobody else is going to know, so that you can contribute to the conversation.

- Tons and tons of prop betting: Betting on the game, the O/U, #of penalties, who will have more passing yards, etc.

- Drinking Games obv.

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