Saturday, January 16, 2010

Top 5 Cereals

#5- Frosted Flakes: Have to give some love to them, just because it was the only likable cereal that they served at the hospital, hence I always ordered it, hence it probably tasted like 10Million times better than they really are.

#4- Lucky Charms: Alright, were you a marshmallows first, marshmallows only, marshmallows last, or everything together kind of kid? Actually could go a longer to deciphering your personality type.

#3- Honeycomb: No comments, just awesome

#2- Captain Crunch: I'm not a big fan of different types of flavors and all that nonsense, but this is an exception. The peanut butter version was the mother fucking nuts.

#1- Cinnamon Toast Crunch: The epitome of unhealthy, because even the post-cereal milk tastes fantastic, and I hate milk.

WORST FUCKING CEREAL EVER: Kashi or something like that. It's basically an assortment of leaves and twigs. Just go outside, pick up whatever's on the ground, and it'll probably taste better than this stuff, but I guess it's "healthy" so people still buy, eat, and torture themselves.

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