Friday, January 29, 2010

TV Shows that Readers Have Introduced The Moderator to

that are worthy of a viewing...

"Modern Family": A mockumentary focusing on three generations of a typical suburban family. Starring the guy who played Al Bundy and the chick who played Happy Gilmore's woman, this show is absolutely hysterical, with all the characters including the kids pulling their own weight. Yes two of the main characters are teh ghey, but they're fucking hilarious, and even still, it is outweighed by the fact that both the two moms are SUPER HAWT, and if you saw the newest episode, the opening "webcam" scene was well mouthwatering hawtness.

"Cash Cab": The show's host poses as a cab driver, and picks up unsuspecting cab fares, asking them random questions for which they can win cash. A pretty cool trivia game for people who enjoy answering random off-the-wall questions i.e. perfect for readers of this blog.

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