Sunday, February 28, 2010

5 Tool Women

Alright, so for you baseball fans out there, I'm sure you've heard the expression: "five tool player": hits for average, hits for power, speed, plays good defense, and has a strong arm. Well I'm here to enlighten you about a breed of people that's even rarer than a five tool baseball player, and that's a five tool woman. Three tool women are extremely easy to find, especially in So Cal, and finding a four tooler is kind of like finding a clean gas station restroom (you're pleasantly surprised, but it's not earth shattering, and doesn't make your day). However, finding a five tooler, or even conversing with one is like hitting the fucking lottery, it just doesn't happen everyday, and if you meet said female, you are legally obligated to insta marry her. The tools are as follows:

(1) Nice Rack
(2) Nice ass
(3) Pretty face
(4) Well proportioned
(5) Morally flexible and available

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