Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Moderator

feels like a little kid on Christmas Day right now. I'm going through all my old baseball cards, which take up an entire crate (about 8 boxes, including 3 boxes of cards that have never even been opened, an a massive box with every card organized by team and alphabetized). Some solid finds so far:

- Autographed cards of: Willie Stargell, Bob Gibson, Yogi Berra, Frank Robinson, and Duke Snider...back story one summer when I was little if you ate enough boxes of crackers, ball park franks, etc. and sent in the UPC codes +$5 they gave you the cards, so naturally I pigged out on all said foods the entire summer. Only got half of the cards that I wanted, but a 60lb. kid can only eat so much food.

- Eric Karros Rookie Card

- Plaqued Mike Piazza Rookie Card...won it over an entire weekend of nonstop arcade game playing at MGM Grand Las Vegas

- Donruss 1991 All Star Cards...special cards made just for all-star game participants that year

- Special Limited Edition Dodgers Rookie of the Year Cards

I'm sure there are many many more to come...only been through like 1% of what I have...just so excited I had to blog. God I can't wait until April!

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