Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Notes

- The Soundtrack to "Shutter Island" is disturbingly, and hauntingly awesome:
- Facebook is like 10 billion times better than Twitter
- Women cheat at board games
- LOL Women just in general principal
- I still can't believe the luge/bobsled teams travel at 80-100 mph in their little MOTORLESS vehicles...absolutely astonishing
- I have a newfound respect for all competitors in the Winter Olympics...the balls that it must take to partake in said events + the insanely high level of control that you have to have over your body to win these events= you are all super fucking awesome
- I wish that it would rain every single day from now until Opening Day
- This weekend, I met the woman that I am going to marry...solid 4 tool Woman, all that I have to do is convince her to dump the guy who got her a $20 billion engagement ring that is bigger than most small islands, for the degnerate fucking prick asshole that is myself.