Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Earthquake Notes

- Pretty sure that the moderator executed the worst "attempt" at a duck and cover in human history
- As has been stated in previous posts, I have this recurring dream where I "wake up" am in imminent danger, and am unable to move/speak, etc. so when the earthquake happened and I actually woke up, my first thought was: "Not this shit again"
- However, I quickly realized this was no dream, so like kind of tried to move, literally rolled out of my bed, thinking "Fuck me this is "the big one"".
- Delirious, I then "attempted" to perform the worst duck and cover in human first I tried to roll under my bed (bad idea considering the space underneath my bed has not been cleaned in 3280894389 years), and there could be dead animals under there for all I know.
- I then just kind of didn't know what to do and just laid down on the floor, right underneath the lights, which is of course you know genius, rolling underneath glass during an earthquake.

Cliffs Notes: I'm like kind of retarded and earthquakes are still fucking awesome, so long as nobody dies or is seriously injured.

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