Thursday, March 4, 2010

There's This Chick

- There's this chick...super hawt, super cool, 100% single, and I and probably every other guy who meets her are completely infatuated with her
- She absolutely pwns my soul
- I can't figure her out...1/3 of me thinks that she totally fucking wants me, 1/3 of me thinks that I'm on her hook, and 1/3 of me thinks that she wants nothing to do with me, I just can't decide which part of me is right
- There's actually a solid off-chance that she reads this blog, considering some recent conversations that we've had, in which case I am totally fucking myself over, although not really, because how the fuck is she ever going to figure out that I'm talking about her. For all you know, I'm just making this shit up.
- Actually fuck it, if you're reading this, you know who you are, and you know that it's you that I'm talking about. If you're reading my blog, you're obviously at least somewhat into me, so lets face it, we're both into each other, so stop being such a girl, and lets give each other a chance!
- I've already kind of failed twice with her, but I really don't give a fuck, I'm going to keep trying, because I'm not a fucking quitter, and if something is meant to be, then I sure as fuck won't be the one to give up.
- NFDSJKFSJKJKNLFDIJOSKJKJD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't figure this chick out, and it's driving me absolutely fucking crazy! I'm actually leaning towards 50% on her hook, 25% she fucking wants me, 25% she's just fucking with me and I have no chance in hell.

CLIFFS NOTES: I'm a fucking tool, douche, and the biggest asshole in the world (just ask Heather), this chick wants nothing to do with me, and I'm going to die alone, but at least, I'll always have my strippers.

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