Sunday, March 7, 2010

Top 10 marc1313 Drunk Moments (Good and Bad)

Holy Fuck this list was a lot harder to narrow down and create than I thought.

Note: Many of these moments are based solely off of eyewitness testimony, and it's quite possible that some of the best moments will be excluded from the list, simply based on the fact of "lack of memory" of all participants.

Honorable Mention:

- My buddys' little sisters' quinceanera. Pretty sure my boys and I set the world record for most amount of alcohol consumed per pound.
- Eugene's 21st birthday...damn we threw a hell of a party, and holy fuck did we destroy that apartment that night, and that year for that matter...pretty sure the current tenants wish death and teh AIDS upon us
- Ryan's birthday when lets put it this way, but 4pm, I was hung the fuck over, and destroyed my room trying to find the right clothes to change into.
- The night that I finally professed my undying love to the Chili's waitress, telling her that she "took my breath away", only to get shot down. FML!
- Basically all of Coalition 27's shows at DiPiazzas

#10- How can I not start with the first time I threw up due to alcohol? It took a couple of years, but pounding shots of 95 degree Captain Morgan with my nemesis finally did the trick, with Ryan cheering me on, as I was puking my guts out. I probably shouldn't have continued going shot for shot afterwards, but when a girl gets in your face, calls you a bitch, and challenges you to keep pounding, how the fuck can you back down?

#9- Jaegerbomb Night! I'm not sure if I did anything that crazy that night, but if nothing else, I think it's pretty epic, when my buddy is bent over the toilet throwing up, and I'm getting in his face screaming "You're a fucking pussy" over and over again.

#8- The 4th of July like 2007. Drinking an insane number of beers, vodka, tequila, and inevitably walking up to some chick I knew, but whose name I couldn't remember, and saying "Who the Fuck are you?" before falling face down into the bushes.

#7- The party at by boy Erik's house, where regardless of who actually drew the King, I ended up drinking the entire cup in King's Cup. Obv. I was playing with a bunch of chicks. Having all the chicks all over me, playing I think well at beer pong, I'm pretty sure that the drunker I get, the better I play.

#6- Vegas August 2009. Getting probably 86ed from the Venetian, capping every hand every street of poker, getting cut off, but having the other people at the table ordering my chivas and just handing it to me (they obv. didn't want me to leave), setting the world record for most drunk dials in one night, getting to the final table of a poker tournament completely blackout drunk, like zero clue of any of the hands that I played.

#5- Vegas July 2009. Stripper cards, getting thrown in the pool by crazy drunk chicks, interviewing random people on the street, that awesome talk with those cool black guys, everybody getting lost, tearing it up on the dance floor, and double fisting a 190 and a chivas on ice. What an insane couple of days.

#4- Draftpicks for one of Coalition 27's shows. The moderator had drank his weight in beer and long islands, when he started dancing with some chick, who proceeds to kiss him after the end of the song. The moderator proceeds to run around the bar high fiving everybody, alerting them that he just got kissed.

#3- Wasn't drunk, but my friends were, but that night that we went to that bar/club in Costa Mesa, when every chick in the place wanted a piece of me. So awesome dancing with tons of hawt random chicks, including a stripper that I had previously got a dance from, who remembered me, and danced with me.

#2- Palm Springs Spring 2009. You know you've had a hell of a day, when you unblackout at 6pm, then proceed to get hammered again that night. Pretty sure that I got 86ed from that golf course, as well as that cab driver's cab for life.

#1.5- Halloween 2008 (the year I was Manny). enough said.

#1.25- 40 minutes. 12 shots of Smirnoff Vodka. 2 classes missed the next day. 1 horrendous fucking hangover.

#1- and its not even close. March 2006. Obviously always has been, and always will be FUCKING VEGAS, and the first time I ever got drunk. 190's FTW! Going crazy at Caesars, wooing it up walking down the strip, running into Phil Ivey, and his entourage, it truly was the ultimate first Vegas and Drunk experience, and I'll never forget it as long as I live.

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