Wednesday, May 26, 2010


- So I've learned about myself, life, and love in the past few weeks. There will be some changes to this blog, and in myself, all for the better imo.

- First of all, at least for now the emo self-pity OMG I'm in love party is OVER! Thank God, because I was as sick and tired of writing about it as I'm sure you all were of reading and listening to it.

- The funnies will still be a staple of this blog, and regular bazingas will be had

- Talk of "hooking up" and hit it and quit it will no longer be posted except maybe in jest. I've realized that that sort of thing, as well as strip clubs with the exception of special occasions are not for me. Call me a pussy, I call it becoming more mature. I've finally found a sense of self-happiness, and forgiveness, and now that I feel that I'm ready to meet someone special and to be loved, I'm going to go out and look for someone special who is of likemindedness.

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