Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vegas Trip Report

- Very Heavy Drinking and very minimal gambling this trip
- Night 1: Arrived around midnight and went to the Voodoo Lounge which is an outdoor club on the 52nd floor of the Rio. After kicking back a couple glasses of Jamo at the room it was Adios time. Blacked out after a couple of them as these were Exceptionally strong.
- Drunk Texted this chick that I like: "(her name)! OMG! Your Love is my Drug"...damage controlled it well though the next day
- All I really remember was almost getting in a fight with some douchebag who gave Hillary shit, and knocking on the door for the wrong room (room 339 but in the wrong tower). I have ZERO clue how I got to my room correctly considering I didn't know where it was, I was blitzed out of my mind, and I was carrying all of luggage.
- Saturday was fairly uneventful until eveningish. A glass of scotch + a 190= it was time to fucking party. Blacked out much of the night but we went to Toby Keith's. I asked out our waitress but i think she turned me down. I went up to the two hawt hostesses and asked for a pen and paper. I then said: "I don't know which of you is hawter, but here's my number, so call me." they never did.
- Ohh when the hawt maid asked me how I was doing I said: "Well very nice now that I've met you". I'm telling you I was so locked in last night it was unreal.
- At some point somebody gave me a Mr. T gold chain necklace, and my God did it just make the night so much fucking better. Went to some club at the Venetian, got bottle service, and I was just on fire. Took pictures with so many people including plenty of hawt chicks and a bachelorette party. Danced with a ton of chicks including TWINS! And hawt twins at that. My one liners were working, and it was like I was a different person, just a fucking awesome night. I'm DEFINITELY wearing the chain necklace like everywhere cool that I go from now on.

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