Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup Update

- Officiating has grabbed much of the headlines for the 2nd round of group matches. First there was the CRIMINAL disallowed goal against the Americans, the inexplicable 2nd yellow given to Kaka (although it's a moot point now that Brazil and Portugal have all but secured advancement in the Group of Death), and the terrible straight red given to the Swiss player today, costing them the match.

- As a soccer outsider, I've also got to say that the amount of flopping and diving is just flat out disgusting and embarrassing. The refs really need to be more diligent in giving cards to divers and floppers, because this epidemic is really turning me off from what has been a very exciting WC so far.

- LOL just LOL at France. As if their performance on the field wasn't embarrassing enough, now they've had one of their players dismissed, their trainer flat out walking out and quitting during practice, and the team walking out as well. Just an utter disgrace, typical Frenchies waving the white flag.

- Pretty disappointing play from the African nations so far, and the Ivory Coast disgraced themselves at the end of the Brazil match.

- Fantastic play from the American nations so far. Mexico has been the best team in Group A, the USA is a win away from advancement, and ALL 5 South American nations are in good shape to advance to the knockout stage. Only Honduras is out of the running, but still nice work for the Western Hemisphere.

- Despite a very disappointing first 2 games from Italy and England, not all is lost. They win and they're both moving on, and against their lesser opponents, I expect both clubs to win, move on, and use their momentum to make a run at the title.

- Some great games in round 2, and so much fun watching the cream rise to the top. Brazil, Spain, and Portugal were all amazing to watch, and if Spain moves on, their Round of 16 match against Brazil or Portugal should be EPIC!

- I'd be remiss not to mention the Denmark-Cameroon game which was zOMG exciting and entertaining, mostly because of terrible defending. "Who drew up the defensive game plan, Evil Knievel?"

- My Final 4 right now: Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands, Italy (gutsy call right now, but I think they'll beat Slovakia handily, move on, and make a deep run at defending their title)

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