Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dodgers Report

I talk about the Dodgers so much IRL that I often forget to blog about it. Anyways here are my random thoughts about their recent play.

- THANK GOD HALLELUJAH THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY that Interleague Play is over. I don't want to talk about it, lets just say it must be nice to be the Padres and get the Orioles, Jays, and Mariners as opposed to the murderers row of teams that we had to play. Back to divisional play so hopefully we get back into the swing of things.

- NOTHING sweeter than a sweep of the fucking hated ones! Such a sexy series all around with some clutch hitting and pitching, going the whole series without Broxton and Kuo for 2 games.

- Speaking of Kuo, ship this man along with Adams and Gregerson of San Diego an All-Star game spot. I know middle relievers aren't sexy, but these guys have been dealing all season, and Kuo's 0 for 25 with 12K's against lefties is just such epic sickeness.

- Good to see or at least hear that Kemp blew up in yesterday's game. He and Ethier really need to get the ball rolling if this team is going to win the division. Big Game James and Furcal have been carrying the offense, so hopefully our outfield can play to their potential in the 2nd half. Hits are nice, but home runs change games and our big 3 need to start hitting more of them.

- JAMEY CARROLL!!! What can I say about this man? He's this year's Juan Pierre who came in for Furcal and played admirably, and needs to be playing EVERY DAY! DeWitt, Blake, and occasionally Furcal need to take a day off because this guy just rakes, walks a ton, works counts, doesn't strike out, and plays great defense no matter where we put him.

- Great to see Kershaw finally developing into the ace he was born to be. Bills, Padilla, and Kuroda have done nice, and Johnny Ely while inconsistent is fine for a #5 guy. While Oswalt or Lee would be a dream come true, it's not happening with the McCheaps at the helm. FUCK YOU BOTH BTW!

In closing, I like where this team is. San Diego has to cool off eventually, and Kemp and Ethier will get it going sooner or later. The starting pitching isn't great, but Weaver/Belisario/Kuo/Broxton at the back end is as stellar as it gets. If we play to our potential or near it, I can't see how this team will be locked out in October either as the division winner or the wild card.

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