Monday, August 2, 2010

Fucked Up Recurring Dream

All right this happens at least a couple of times a week and is pretty fucked up. I've been having this recurring dream even before "Inception" so GFY Ryan!

So in the dream, I "wake up" and there is some sort of exterior force oppressing itself upon me like an earthquake, hurricane, or someone trying to murder me. I can't speak, move, or anything, I'm completely paralyzed, I think it goes back to my spleen accident.

I then "wake myself up" from the dream, get up walk around, and then go back to sleep only I'm still dreaming and am in a dream within a dream, and am back in the same predicament. This cycle or dream within dream continues like 4-5 times before I finally wake up for real and am drenched in sweat.

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