Thursday, October 14, 2010

NFL Weeks 1-5 in Review

Well 5 weeks are in the books, and the 5 worst teams from last year (Rams, Lions, Bucs, Chiefs, Redskins) are all playing some good football a combined 11-10 with the Chiefs and Skins both in 1st place. The two Super Bowl competitors are both 3-2 and each have major question marks. Preseason favorites like the Vikings, Packers, Cowboys, and Chargers are all self-imploding beating themselves in a variety of different ways on a weekly basis. Such is parity in the NFL.

Random Observations

- The AFC is leaps and bounds ahead of the NFC right now and its not even close. In addition to the top 3 teams being in the AFC, the 2nd tier AFC teams are imo better than the top tier NFC teams.

- The Ravens, Steelers, and Jets have established themselves as the 3 best teams in the NFL. Teams like the Colts, Pats, Falcons, Saints, etc. are all in that 2nd echelon but those top 3 are in a class of their own, and the AFC Championship Game will bottom line be this year's Super Bowl.

- Outside of the Bills and the Panthers there really aren't going to be any doormats this season, as even teams like the Browns, Lions, and Niners are playing hard and competing in most every game. The Bills and Niners however, are both really reallllllyyy bad, but I see the Bills "winning" out on the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, possibly taking Harbaugh as well. Even with Luck, I don't know how the Bills will succeed as they truly have so many gaps its unbelievable. That's what happens when you stockpile on fucking running backs and ignore I don't know your entire defense, the QB position, OLine and lack of vertical threat to stretch the field. Truly one of the worst run franchises in sports such a sad fall from the days of Kelly, Thomas, Reed, Smith, etc.

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