Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random Shit I'm Loving Right Now

- My BFF's blog:
- Alright Woman you get a shoutout instead of a war. Can't wait to try some of this fucking food. I am sooooooo damn hungry.
- Orange Chicken + Fried Rice. The Chinese food place by Ryan and Hillary's is OMG the best ever, but Panda is pretty damn solid as well.
- Texting
- Christmas Music on KOST 103.5
- This abundance of rain. too bad its coming to an end.
- ESPN's NFL Divisional Blogs
- The ESPN NFL Countdown Crew and NBC Sunday Night Football Crew. Al Michaels is timeless of course and Cris Collinsworth is funny as hell and tells it like it is.
- Gus Johnson. If this guy announced soccer matches, the MLS would surpass every league but the NFL in popularity.
- Arrowhead Pride (Chiefs Blog/Fan Forum)

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  1. thanks for the shout-out marc! now taking meal requests for when you here at the Shady J! :)