Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Remebrances from the Other Night

- Went to Downtown Fullerton for Mikey P's birthday.
- Started at Roscoe's which is pretty much the hawt 25-35 year old women capital of the world. Had an Adios and left.
- Went to Branigan's and did some Irish Car Bombs followed by a tall boy of Stone IPA the one that's like 10% alcohol. From there I have only very hazy memories of being lost, hitting on some chicks, stumbling around outside, and foggy memories of being in the car.
- According to my drunk texts, I: hit on a bagillion chicks, got slapped, did NOT get kicked out of any bars/clubs, DID have a chance to hook up with several chicks but couldn't because and then I never gave a reason.
- Holy Moly was this a stone cold blackout though, haven't had one of those in a LONG ass time. Good times guys! Thanks for driving Ahron (btw I TOLD YOU YOU HAD TO GET A NEW PHONE) and Happy BDay Mikey.

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