Monday, April 25, 2011

CP3 and the NHL Playoffs

Not sure which of them was more epic today, but HOLY SHIT!

- Now I don't watch a whole lot of basketball, but Chris Paul's performance today was one of the best overall displays of talent I've ever seen in one game. Just some food for thought, his 15 assists were only 2 fewer than the entire Lakers team, and his 13 rebounds were more than Gasol and Bynum combined (they have a good foot of height on him btw). The Lakers are too deep to lose this series, but wow what a game tonight!

- LUUUUUUONGO!!! LUUUUUONNNGGGOOOO!!!! Wow so you have a Vezina Trophy finalist and bench him in Game 6 of the 1st round of the fucking playoffs! Crazy move by the Canucks and it almost worked. But, the Hawks just found a way to get it done, that penalty shot goal was epic. Wow can't wait for Game 7, the NHL playoffs and especially this series have just been unreal so far.

- Ohh yea and the Ducks are OUT! GTFO Anaheim you scumbag team full of dirty players. Whine some more about Nashville diving please instead of realizing that your team is full of instigators and thugs. Just glad we're rid of these fags for the rest of the playoffs.

- GO KINGS GO! GO KINGS GO! Quick was unreal last night, hope he can keep it up well actually now later tonight. We did a decent job of limiting the second chance opportunities that have killed us in this series in Game 5, but need to be better in the neutral zone and win more of the 50/50's. You can't get outshot 2.5 to 1 and win many games, and Niemi won't be this bad every game. The Sharks got their mulligan in Game 3, and we got ours in Game 5. Time to just outplay these guys, please play the Richardson line more! They are just killing it so far, Richardson was the only reason we didn't lose by double-digits in Game 4. Excited for tomorrow!

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