Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Moderator's Abbreviations/Sayings/Quotes/Etc.

- "You're a FUCKING PUSSY"= what I say to someone who is throwing up due to excess consumption of alcohol

- "hawt"= mine and OT's spelling of "hot" when referring to females

- OT= Pocket Fives Off Topic...check it out for realz

- Africa Hot= it's hotter than a mother fucker outside

- "bunt"= the C word

- "WOMAN!"= see a few posts below

- "Get AIDS and Die"= I don't like you

- "You can Go Fuck Yourself"= what I generally say to guys when I'm drunk

- "Hey Baby What's Up?"= what I generally say to chicks when I'm drunk

- Tits, Baseball, Football, Scotch, Food, Beer= what I care about in that order

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