Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Thoughts on Taking a Leak

- Normally I pee like a racehorse, 10x more when drinking alcohol or anything with sugar in it.

- Today I might have set a personal record, going 10 hours without peeing. It helped that it was 265 degrees with a 1475% humidity, and I was playing golf.

- The only thing more liberating that taking a glorious and much needed drunk piss, is having some smoking hawt stripper (edited for the sake of my 5th amendment rights) and then peace out to never see you again.

- I personally believe that it is bullshit that you can be labeled as a sex offender for peeing in public. That deserves the C'Mon Man of the Year! How the fuck is peeing in public on par with raping women or molesting little kids? Who among us hasn't done stupid shit when we're fucked up? Our society is so fucked up some time and these I am sick of these morally bankrupt conservative politicians trying to tell us how to behave an act, when they themselves our just as if not more perverse.

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