Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why You Should Never Get LOL Married!

- One woman for the rest of your life? Are you retarded?!

- 52% of lol marriages end in divorce. If you live in California, that means that said divorce will result in the fag/pussy whipped/man hating dyke judge shoving a 10 foot pole up your ass in the divorce proceedings.

- She's gonna want to have kids (see post a few posts below for my takes on that issue)

- The $$$ you've gotta shell out for the ring would be much better spent having an awesome time once a week for a year at your nearest strip club.

- Pre-marriage= you own her. She has to serve your sexual needs or else no marriage. Post-marriage= she MEGA OWNS you. NO SEX for you. What are you gonna do? Whine? File for divorce? Go ahead, and see your bullet point #2.

- The time leading up to the wedding= you're her bitch + you gotta do a shit ton of faggy chick shit + lol at you getting a say in anything.

- We are talking about an institution which the moderator with the proper paper work would legally be allowed to serve as an officiant for. You know this has to be one hell of a joke of an institution.

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