Monday, August 1, 2011

Doctor's Offices

I have so many problems with them I don't even know where to start.

- First of all, how come they can never ever ever keep their appointment times. I mean anybody else you make an appointment, you make a reservation, and that time is honored by both the reserver and the reservee. What makes doctors immune to this rule? I think that it is total bullshit.

- I mean holy fucking shit they have to do something about the little kids running around in there? Parents are so fucking God awful at controlling their kids as it is, but they seem to do an even worse job at doctor's offices. I have to leave the room on a very consistent basis due to this problem.

- The Magazine selection: is fucking terrible. Not only is the selection very skimpy, but most of these magazines are outdated by at least a year. Now for you women and fags this might be ok, but I don't want to read a 2 year old issue of Sports Illustrated, unless of course it's the Swimsuit Edition. Either keep your magazine selection updated, or don't have them at all. The tease is worse than a lack thereof imo.

- Why do they make us wait, wait, wait, and then call us in, take our weight and BP, only to have us wait even longer in the actual office. And don't tell me that patient room chairs/bed aren't the most uncomfortable things on earth?


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