Sunday, August 14, 2011

Random Remembrances from Last Night

- Congrats again Ryan and Hillary and Thank You to Hillary's family for putting on a fucking awesome party! Everyone looked great and the drinks were awesome!
- Got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time, it was a really great night of awesome sports convos.
- Drank a shit ton of those jungle juices which were really good
- Then switched to scotch, and I really started to fall apart. First the bartender chick did not know what Chivas was, then poured soda in when I said not to. She redeemed herself and then someone by pouring an insane amount of scotch (like 5+ shots) in my next drink.
- Very nice words by Ryan and Hill, and Jeff cracking jokes the whole time. Man we probably looked like the biggest assholes in the world laughing the whole time Woman was talking.
- Somewhere around the time I finished the 5+ shots drink, things get very very fuzzy.
- Apparently I went all Tyler Durden, and wanted to fight anyone and everyone. No punches were thrown, but I did end up in the pool.
- A certain unnamed chick who I really wanted to show up did not show up which was upsetting.
- Also, Ryan if you're reading this: how the fuck did you call me with Queen high? and we have to finish our match.

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