Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Movie Review: "Drive"

- To put it frankly, this is by FAR the best movie I have seen in 2011.
- First of all, let me tell you that it is best to go into this movie with zero expectations, and 100% do NOT see the trailer. It is not for kids and the squeamish as there are some scenes of intense graphic violence, and it is not for those who are expecting nonstop action and car chases. There is action and a few chases, but that is NOT what this movie is about, it is ohh so much more. If you trust me, stop reading here and go see it asap. If you need further convincing, read on.
- Film noir at its finest with a protagonist whose past is almost completely unknown, but almost surely very dark. As the film tries to unflesh this character, we can see that his brooding is far too deep to be fleshed out by even those closest to him. The mystery of his background, and many other elements of this film make you think and keep you on your toes searching for answers.
- The directing is absolutely top notch- very stylish and creates a dark mood for the film and around the characters with a minimal use of dialogue. "Drive" is as dark as a Tarantino film, but accomplishes it through acting, facial expressions, and direction rather than Tarantino's famed and epic dialogue. Both accomplish their goals with fantastic success.
- The first 10 minutes feature a car chase that isn't quite your traditional one, and sets the tone for the film, and tells you all you need to know about the protagonist without him ever saying a word.
- The acting is terrific across the board, beginning with Ryan Gosling whom I am beginning to appreciate as one of if not the best young actors in the game. He simply crushes every role he is in. Albert Brooks and the well-diversed Bryan Cranston are also tremendous in their roles with Brooks playing a character who while not scary or sociopathic, will disturb you well after the closing credits roll.
- The soundtrack which contributes to the 80's feel of the film is top-notch and every track blends perfectly with the scene.

Grade: A+

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