Monday, September 5, 2011

Random Remembrances From This Weekend

- a total epic fail of a night from a personal standpoint
- drinking half a four loko and then babysitting my first few beers was pathetic and im totally embarrassed and totally ashamed
- kicked things up into gear with the fishbowl, and hammering down some weird heavily alcoholic drink
- from there apparently we went to two more bars, including me pounding a tall boy IPA
- peeing in the Ralphs parking lot
- driving home with the kid and him wanting Molcasalsa
- drunk texting H's and me and the kid hating on Hillary. sorry woman! i finally understand where you are coming from though.

- drunk Madden: winning one 5-3, and losing to some fag because i got outplayed and performed poorly. fucko that's not gonna happen again: next time you're getting my A game.
- setting dancing back about 50 years, but hey you gotta admire my enthusiasm and willingness to look like a complete and total moron
- bomb ass margs, meat, chicken, dogs and mac and cheese (thanks ryan and hill!)
- that fire being 10 million fucking degrees. no idea how ya'll could stay so close

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