Thursday, October 13, 2011

C'Mon Mans

- Stephen Garcia: South Carolina and the 'ole ball coach gave you every single opportunity possible to succeed and get your act together. You were surrounded with an embarrassment of riches in Lattimore and Alshon Jeffery. You were a talented quarterback with a bright future, and the spotlight in the SEC to play in the NFL. Yet, time and time again you fucked up and have now been dismissed due to alcohol and drug abuse. C'MON MAN!

- Nyjer Morgan: for calling Albert Pujols "Alberta" and then getting clowned twice in Center field in Game 2, including once on a rocket by Alberto. C'MON MAN!

- The referees in the LSU-Florida game that overturned the punter TD for an "excessive celebration" that 100% did not happen. If you're gonna flag that bullshit penalty, it better be fucking obvious! C'MON MAN!

- Tampa Bay Rays "fans" for having a half-empty stadium in that final 3-game series against the Yankees. And you know that half the people there were Yankees or Sox fans. That city is so unbelievably undeserving of that special team. C'MON MAN!

- The Chicago Bears offensive line for that embarrassment of a performance Monday night. No doubt Detroit's D-Line was in beast mode, but on most of those plays they weren't even making an effort to slow down the pass rush, giving up way too easily and not seeking a 2nd guy to block after whiffing on their 1st. C'MON MAN!

- Juqua Parker for jumping offsides to seal the Eagles 4th straight loss when it was OMG so fucking obvious that was all Buffalo was trying to do. C'MON MAN OF THE WEEK!

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